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LUXE Beauty Bar is the only spalon in Minnesota to exclusively carry the high-end French beauty line, Biologique Recherche. Every hair, skin, and body treatment is carefully curated with a selection of pure, raw, concentrated ingredients. Once you experience the luxury of Biologique Recherche, we know you’ll be coming back for more.



Authenticity and harmony are the spirit and essence of the Biologique Recherche skincare line. Each product boasts the following:

  • High concentrations (over 20% in most products) of botanical, marine and biological extract

  • No artificial fragrances in order to preserve the integrity of the formulas and try to avoid allergic reactions

  • The highest quality of composition and active ingredients

  • Cold pressed formulations (in most products) to maintain the original structure of the active ingredients

All Biologique Recherche products are formulated to work together—and when combined with the Remodeling Face Machine, the results are immediate, outstanding, almost magical!

The Skin Instant

Every person has multiple layers of skin. The skin’s condition changes several times a day and many times throughout its lifetime—which means that everyone has a different “Skin Instant” that is constantly evolving. Your Skin Instant is affected by external factors like climate, temperature, air conditioning, tobacco, pollution, and internal factors such as stress, sexual hormones, hygiene, and age.

LUXE Skin Therapists are trained to analyze your Skin Instant, assess how external and internal factors have evolved your skin, and recommend the most appropriate treatment for your Skin Instant!

Unique Approach

To put it simply, your skin is like a house. If the roof of a house is poorly built, it can’t guarantee protection against external aggressions and everything inside is subjected to stress and becomes vulnerable.

Biologique Recherche observes how the epidermis (the top layer of your skin) constantly interfaces with the skin’s deeper structure to create a surface for youth and radiance. This approach is known as “interface cosmetology.” Interface cosmetology explains why Biologique Recherche products are effective from the moment they touch your skin, without needing to penetrate the epidermis.


Your skin is a complex organ designed to protect and communicate in order to miraculously regenerate and create an entirely new surface every 28 days. The Biologique Recherche Methodology is based on the following three fundamental stages:

01. Assessment

Using a physiological, behavioral and tactile approach, we assess your Skin Instant and recommend a personalized beauty treatment to ensure the most effective results.

02. Initialization

Like many skin specialists, we believe that the epidermis is central to skin care—it is the skin’s outer layer and the ultimate barrier that protects the integrity of your inner world. In this essential stage, we apply a customized treatment to your epidermis in a precise and rigorous ritual.

03. Treatment

Finally, we hand select specific Biologique Recherche products containing the highest concentrations of active ingredients to recondition and strengthen the epidermis and speed up the natural process of skin-regeneration.

The unique benefits of this cutting-edge, customized skincare treatment is both instant and lasting—even for particularly imbalanced “skin instants.”

The Story: 40 Years Of Passion

Biologique Recherche was founded 40 years ago by a biologist, Yvan Allouche, a physiotherapist, Josette Allouche, and a clinical doctor, Philippe Allouche, who combined their knowledge, expertise, and passion to write a unique and visionary page in the history of skin care.

Biologique Recherche was originally a research and development lab with the primary purpose of developing formulations for professionals who weren’t satisfied with the existing products on the market. Today, the Biologique Recherche Methodology has a reputation for astounding effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty care that uses intentionally pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, innovative procedures, and meticulous protocols.

Philippe Allouche’s work with internal medicine gave him a holistic viewpoint of the skin as an organ directly connected with all the other vital body functions. In addition, his experience working in the ICU taught him first-hand how human organs, specifically the skin, react to even acute stress. Philipp Allouche’s combined expertise added a new dimension to Biologique Recherche's unique approach and special techniques.

Today, Biologique Recherche’s flagship beauty institute, The Ambassade de Beauté, is located at the prestigious 32 Avenue des Champs-Elysées.


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