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The Biologique Recherche Micro-Puncture Lab shines a new light on the micro-puncture beauty technique. This highly active instrument targets the dermo-epidermal junction (area of tissue that joins the epidermal and the dermal layers of the skin) with exact precision and boosts the results of all other Biologique Recherche techniques.


  • Visible results after first session

  • Increased visible results with each additional session

  • Reduced signs of premature aging

  • Smoothed out wrinkles & deep wrinkles

  • Restored skin elasticity and smoothness

  • Moisturized skin that shows greater tone

  • Noticeable improvement in skin texture and quality

  • Radiant complexion

  • Refined skin

  • Reduced scars

  • Face rejuvenation

  • Face will look less tired

  • Skin appears plumped up

  • Even, sagging skin feels denser, restructured and stretched

  • Results look completely natural (not artificial or forced)

Recommended for

  • Skin that is dry

  • Skin that lacks radiance

  • Skin that is deficient

  • Skin that is dehydrated

  • Skin that shows signs of premature aging

  • Skin that has fine lines and wrinkles

  • Skin that has decreased levels of tonicity

  • Skin that has slackened facial contours and eyelids

  • Skin that is sagging on the face, neck and/or decollete

  • Skin that is changing due to external factors such as sun exposure, dyschromia scarring after laser treatment, smoking, etc.

  • Prepping for facial plastic surgery procedures, laser resurfacing or medical IPL skin treatment

  • Post-cosmetic surgery procedures to accelerate the process of skin repair

  • Corrective procedures for pigmented scars and acne scars

  • Re-balancing care for hyper-keratinized Skin Instants and hyper-seborrheic skin


The immediate visual results of the Micro-Puncture Lab include stronger skin, smoothed out wrinkles and fine lines, reduction of scars, and more. These results are based on these 3 main activities:

01. Control Inflammatory Reaction

The Micro-Puncture Lab is based on the epidermis’ ability to regrow itself when stimulated. Needle micro-perforations cause minor epidermal inflammation that then helps activate the repair phase. This repair process occurs as various cell populations rebuild the “damaged” skin tissue and produce fiber.

When the micro-perforation occurs, neutrophils (a type of white blood cells) release growth factors that stimulate fibroblast activity. Once stimulated, the fibroblasts produce collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans—including hyaluronic acid. These substances remain present at the dermo-epidermal junction and the collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycan synthesis help redensify epidermal tissue.

02. Apply Super Active Substances

As thousands of micro perforations are formed, a cocktail of super active substances including regenerative peptides, poly-vitamins complexes, Q coenzyme, essentials amino-acids, and other regeneration molecules is applied to the skin.

Without micro-puncture, the level of absorption of substances applied to the skin is only about 0.3%. But simultaneously applying this special Biologique Recherche cocktail to the micro-puncture, causes the super active substances to be absorbed up to 1000 times deeper than standard skin absorption. It also more than doubles the immediate and long-lasting effects of the epidermal regrowth and repair.

Applying the highly concentrated Biologique Recherche cocktail during a series of treatments intensifies the regeneration of skin, scars, stretch marks, blemishes, and deeply moisturizes, revitalizes, and refreshes the skin.

o3. Dramatic Collagen Increase*

As a result of the controlled microdamage, up to 390% more collagen is produced. This causes the skin to refine, smooth out both wrinkles & deep wrinkles, strengthen, firm, lift, and reduce scars and other skin imperfections.

*This effect is obtained in a series of Micro-Lab treatments performed over 2-6 months.

Sterile needles are used on a single-use only basis. Unlike traditional micro-puncture, Micro-Puncture Lab treatments don’t lift the epidermis, and therefore do not cause trauma to the skin. There is no risk of bleeding, and the Micro-Puncture Lab technique is virtually painless.


Your LUXE Skin Therapist will recommend a specific aftercare routine after each Micro-Puncture Lab session. We encourage you to pick a convenient time to follow the complete aftercare program at home so you can stay consistent with your Micro-Puncture Lab treatments.

Personalized Program

The Micro-Puncture Lab treatment can be incorporated into a complete program involving several treatments such as the Biologique Recherche boosters and the Remodeling Face Machine. Please contact us for more information on creating a personalized Biologique Recherche program!

Treatment Schedule

Standard Micro-Puncture Lab treatments require 4 sessions every 2 weeks, followed by once a month for 3 months.


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