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Modern Spalon

Every body, facial, skin care, waxing, and wellness treatment at LUXE beauty bar is performed on our award winning Gharieni Spa.Wave treatment beds. These top of the line beds combine gentle sound waves of special music with a highly efficient vibrating massage system and a heated water mattresses. This exclusive spa experience elevates your favorite wellness treatments to a new level.

The heated water mattress will make you feel light and allow for a more intensive relaxation. Audio frequencies, matched to the body’s chakras (energy centers), move through gentle acoustic waves to reduce stress, improve sleep, and balance moods.

All hair treatments at LUXE BEAUTY BAR begin with experiencing our state of the art Teknowash Plus Shampoo Bowls.

Teknowash Plus Shampoo Bowls

These high-tech, luxury shampoo bowls are equipped with a synchronized electrical movement system for the seat, backrest, and leg rest, an Air-Shiatsu massage system, RGB polychrome chromotherapy lights, an integrated iPod sound system, padded seating, and a tilting and sliding bowl.


Spa.Wave Treatment Beds

While enjoying our Spa.Wave Treatment Beds during your body, facial, skin care, waxing, or wellness treatment, you can individualize your experience by choosing from a choice of color therapies. Your LUXE Skin Therapist will guide you in the color selection to support and intensify the result of your wellness treatment.

REDRevitalizes, activates blood circulation, energizes, promotes vitality, and increases creativity

ORANGEEnhances mood, positive thinking, and desire for physical and mental exploration

YELLOWLiberates personal power, awakens and awareness, and stimulates healing

GREENInspires harmony and hope, regenerates, soothes, and creates balance within the rhythm of life

PURPLERelaxes, renews, and awakens meditative spiritual aspects

BLUECelestial, peaceful, cooling, calming, quieting, and cleansing


award winning sound-massage System

While the special sounds of the award winning Spa.Wave treatment beds slow down the mental activity, the vibrations from the massage act specifically on the chakras (energy centers) of the body. This innovative sound-massage system combines the effects of deep relaxation techniques with meditation and mindfulness.


The Spa.Wave system offers extraordinary relaxation and an effective anti-stress experience.

Brain wave Technology

Whether our brain is awake or in rest mode, the electrical impulses of our brain cells can be measured as brain waves with different frequencies (alpha, theta, or delta) in brain current curves.


Alpha Waves

Alpha waves are low-frequency waves that are found during half-sleep, or during an easy meditation.

Theta Waves

Theta waves are found in the sleep and dream phase and during deep meditation. When our brain waves vibrate in the alpha and theta modes, we are in a state of deep relaxation.

Delta Waves

Delta waves determine deep sleep. During this phase, our self-healing efforts become active.

Quantum Harmonic Audiotherapy

Quantum Harmonic Audiotherapy is a technique used within the Spa.Wave system that utilizes a special music with binaural sounds to produce a gentle sound waves in the course of a quiet heartbeat. This highly beneficial technique stimulates the brain and puts it in the alpha-to-delta mode—causing the body, mind and soul find a soothing, regenerating rest and experience deep relaxation.


More than just relaxation

When brain waves vibrate in the alpha-to-delta mode, the deep rest produced by this effect not only affects the soul, but the whole organism. Our brain operates as a “switching center” to regulate the vegetative nervous system and influences the organ functions of our body.

Positive Effects include:

  • Activated immune system

  • Decrease in muscle tension

  • Decrease in stress hormone production

  • Deeper and calmer breathing

  • Increased blood flow

  • Lowered blood pressure

  • Lowered heart rate and pulse rate

Proven by Science

US clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of Quantum Harmonic Audiotherapy, which is the basis for the Spa.Wave system. These studies also found that the special sound frequencies used in the Spa.Wave treatment beds have a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Everyday and professional stress can be reduced after one session

  • Sleep quality is improved by up to 80% within 14 days

  • Fears, symptoms of depression, and psychological effects of trauma are reduced by 40-60%

  • Psychological consequences of persistent pain are diminished

The perfect combination

When the sounds of the Spa.Wave set the brain into the relaxation mode, the fine vibrations of the integrated massage system harmonize with the chakras (energy centers) of the body—causing both mental relaxation and regeneration and physical relaxation and regeneration within a very short time. As a perfect overall system, the Spa.Wave system offers the ultimate path to:

  • Recovery

  • Refreshment

  • Vitality


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