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Between The Cheeks

Removes the hair from only in between the cheeks of the buttocks.

15 min | $20


Bikini Line

Remove the hair that sticks just outside the bikini and a little off the top. All hard wax for 10 dollars more.

20 min | $25



The most relaxing brazilian wax you will ever experience! Chromotherapy light experience to mentally escape while relaxing on a thermal waterbed. Don't worry we will wake you up when you are all waxed. Removes as much hair as you want off the front of the bikini area and also includes between the cheeks.

30 min | $60



Let us mold your brows into the perfect shape for your face.

15 min | $15



All hair on sternum and pecs.

30 min | $35


chin only

Remove hair starting at the base of your lower lip down to where your neck begins using the corners of your mouth as our guideline.

15 min | $10


deep bikini

25 min | $30


feet + toes

Removes hair from the top of the feet and toes.

10 min | $10


full arms

All hair from the top of your shoulder to the very tips of your fingers is removed leaving your arms silky and smooth.

30 min | $40


full face

Removes hair from your forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, chin, side-burn, nose, jawline.

30 min | $40


full leg + bikini

Get beach ready by removing all hair from the bikini line down to the tips of your toes.

1 hr | $70


full leg

From where the Bikini line ends to the tips of your toes.

45 min | $50


hair line

Define the line from your hair, keeping your forehead hair free.

10 min | $15


half arms

Hair is removed from the base of your elbow to top of your shoulder line. Or from the top of your elbow to the tips of your fingers. The choice is yours.

20 min | $20



Let us make sure you have a fuzz free upper lip.

10 min | $10


lower legs

From just above the knee to the tips of your toes.

20 min | $30


Get your neck looking fuzz free either on the front, or on the back to define your hairline.

15 min | $17




Removes the hair on the inner rim of the nose.

10 min | $15



Hair is removed from the entire underarm and we make sure to tweeze any strays so you can freely wave your hands and dance.

15 min | $25


upper legs

From where bikini line stops to just below the knee.

20 min | $30


womens nipples

Removal of unwanted breast hair.

15 min | $15

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